Dear Introverts…

To an Introvert,
Being an introvert is itself a curse, you don’t know how to strike a conversation be socially appealing or crowd-pleasing. You are insanely romantic but being an introvert and madly in love with someone is not a very good combination because all you do is fantasize how epic your love story would be?. She, she has the cutest of smiles, her gleaming eyes, and her heart of gold is enough for you to fall for her twice. You fantasize about pulling her close, looking her in her eyes, wrapping her in your arms, holding her till your heartbeats synch together and you kiss her and it’s magical; the best moment of your life, the one that you can only dream of.

But then you fall back to reality and you come out of your own dream, the one where everything was pleasant and sunny. And you realize how crazy you are being! You fumble when she’s around you, when she passes you, you hardly make an eye contact with her, you can’t even have a proper conversation with her. But you don’t give up on her, do you? You stop dreaming about her, you have all kinds of conversations which only reside in your dreams. The conversations that last longer than your chats, the conversations where you discuss present, future and past.

You know more about her than she knows about herself, you know she hides a lot of things behind that smile of hers, things that just don’t match with her extrovert personality that she displays, maybe that’s the reason why you fell in love with her in the first place, didn’t you? You knew you wanted her more when she presented herself with a puzzle that you couldn’t unlock but you wanted to enjoy her mystery more.

So why don’t you just confess to her how you feel, maybe she will feel the same way maybe not but at least your restless heart will be at peace. You introverts have a noble heart so you are more afraid of hurting others than hurting yourself. But who knows maybe confessing is all you need to keep you out of your misery. So don’t keep this love story of yours as another one-sided story that you have been having for many many years, where you never confessed and kept regretting it later. Just say the right thing and wait. It may sting like a bee but at least you will have a reason to love someone without any regrets or burdens of your past. At least you won’t question yourself thinking “maybe there is something wrong with me, maybe I don’t deserve to be happy”.

I hope right after writing how pretty she did look today and how her smile made your day, I hope you confess what you feel, and stop worrying about the consequences. I hope today before you sleep you have that one conversation with her, where everything is on the table and no matter what she says you will always reserve a special place for her in your memories. Dear Introvert reading this go tell her what she means to you and then…

Thank me later!


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