The wrong one…

Wishing on a broken star,
having you was the incomplete dream of mine.
Of all the thoughts of how mesmerizing you could be,
Yet wishing upon you was the biggest lie.
I just wanted to tell you my side of story,
the story that just won’t sound right.
Even that day when you walked past me,
And I wished you were mine…

I fell for you since my eyes glared yours,
A thing from heaven, those angel eyes and that smile to die for.
The way you would breeze past people with ease,
and that innocence of knocking our hearts off without a tease.
You were gorgeous, a picture to be amazed,
Me, I was bang average and there is nothing much to say.
Yet my stupid heart won’t understand,
Even if you would have talked to me,
I knew you wouldn’t be mine…

Days passed as hays past, your influence kept growing on me,
And all I wanted was one day to talk.
Talk my heart out and tell you how much you mean to me,
as I might hold the realms and fight against my own destiny.
But I knew the battle would be futile,
As you were the Queen and I wasn’t the King to be…
Yet I went in and fought my heart out
Even though I lost..
there is nothing much I could have asked for…

Passing by you and stealing smile of yours was now my hobby,
Your words would melt soul of mine and I just kept falling.
So I finally decided to stand up to you,
tell you how I feel and then might flee away from you.
But things turned out different instead,
Nowadays I just keep eagerly waiting for your messages,
stuck on you, you are the only thing that’s in my head.
I knew I was walking down the same lane,
the one that I have previously been before,
the one where the result was gonna be the same again…
Yet I would keep walking for you,
If that meant never being the same again…

Finally, the day came, as I told you how I feel,
I have rehearsed this scene so many times yet I just couldn’t
say the right thing.
I fumbled and mumbled; lost words and jumbled,
you already knew where I was heading to and you provided me the calm
before I could stumble.
You knew what I felt, sat there and acknowledged,
I wish you could have said more.
I knew you could never be mine,
but your silence just tears my core.
It shreds me to piece,
as I’m still waiting for you to answer.
Dear one-sided crush of mine I wished you would have answered
something that’s not silence but has words more.

Yet here I sit wishing on a broken star,
I knew where I was heading to and yet it breaks me apart,
Maybe it’s not your silence, but the words you never uttered,
Maybe its loneliness that you never wanted me to usher.
Maybe you could have just said that you never wanted to see me again,
but you didn’t, and your silence just keeps giving me false hope,
That one day we will see each other again…
Maybe one day we will see each other again…

-Gaurav A. Khandekar


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