The good guy always lost…

As pretentious as he could be, as words that he could not speak.
He sat there idly, I wondered what could he possibly think.
He spoke less and moved slow,
if someone smiled back his face would instantly glow.
Sorry and thank you were the first words he spoke.
Surrounded by pretentious millennials he stood out just like another folk.

That chap dressed as if no one could witness him,
Smelled as if he ran a mile and didn’t win.
Spoke as if his vocabulary had all the words trimmed,
Cared for others as if it was his duty to put a smile on every grime chin.
He lost and he stands back up acting like its no big deal,
He wins and he just wants to tell everyone how it feels.

No, he doesn’t have the purest of heart,
he still has his inadequacies.
But the lonely soul grew up on his own,
all he asked for few folks that would last without any discrepancies.
Some who would just stand beside him, the way he did for them,
Some who would share all their honest thoughts,
without feeling any offense.
But all he found was people with shallow hearts and selfish motives.
Who would be nowhere to be found unless they need him in emergencies?

He was a savior when people tried ending their lives.
He was their cornerstone when they surrounded themselves with lies.
He was someone they could reach out to when their life was in despair.
He was the first one they ignored when everything was repaired.
He held tissues for them and gave them a shoulder,
He made sure they stay close when nights grew colder.

For all his efforts and struggles, wished somebody would have acknowledged him,
At least some decency towards the man who always tried to do good for them.
Sometimes I wished he had his own inferior motives just so he could look at them folks and tell them how much of a piece of sh*t he could be.
But I knew something like this wasn’t built in him,
Guys with a good heart would often jump in front of the gun even for their worst enemies.

I wished he could have just shown a middle finger to some who forgot him,
when their ship sailed smooth.
I wish he could have spoken his heart out because that’s all he needed to.
But I know things won’t change as I will still find him in another pickle.
Guiding someone through darkest of valleys, knowing the outcome would be nothing less familiar.
Of course he doesn’t deserve your attention, and of course, you don’t need to speak of him.
He will always be somewhere in your phone waiting to be called upon and ignored again.


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