Rotten Apple…

You sat there for hours yet you were ignored as a painting from a noob in an art gallery. Hung in some corner surrounded by cobwebs and dim light you don’t deserve the attention rather you don’t want to seek the attention others do. See it’s your fault, you are the one who can’t don a mask and smile and pretend to be all “for life” and ignore the “fakes” that are surrounding you, you can’t disguise yourself in armors of pretentiousness and pretend everything around you is right when it’s not. It’s your fault that you don’t like people or don’t want people to like you back. So what happened to you?

What happened to you? You were a jolly’ol kid who smiled and made his way. You ran through people as the wind brushed them away. You talked, you laughed, you cried and you fought. You used to talk your heart out, share your secrets if no one would talk, you would still walk out to them and make them listen, Oh what a blissful soul were you! So what changed? Did you grew up and saw how ugly this world could be. Or did maturity sunk in? Did you realize that humanity was a myth? Or did you realize that everyone was wearing a mask and yet you kept convincing yourself that you weren’t one of them?

See you grew up on a code, an ethic, a moral but those foundations slowly started to churn out the biggest lies of your life. See you swum oceans for people when they won’t even jump puddles for you. You reached out to people asked them about their well being but they used you as their support system and raised their dreams of high beams. You would ignore your life and help others and yet they would ignore you and go hang out with others. They would call you names and question you on your morals but don’t just give up yet as there is still light that’s worth fighting for. You are not corrupted, you can actually see the world the way it is, the people the way they are, unfiltered and unmasked residing in their true forms. You haven’t distanced yourself from reality you just know that these days those lines have been blurry. They say you don’t have a heart but I think out of all of them yours is of the purest form. You cared, you loved and when people turned their back you let them go. So don’t let people tell you what you are, as your good heart has done more deeds than some people in their whole dreams.

So this is how this thing works you are like the torch app on people’s smartphone you won’t be acknowledged and appreciated until and unless their life goes dark and panic sinks in. And as much as you hate yourself you will still go out of your bounds and help them because that’s how beautiful your soul is, you are not a rotten apple, you fell into the basket which was already rotten. So don’t give up on the idea yet, I know this world is selfish and dark but it does need few souls like you to enlighten the world time and time again.

-Gaurav A. Khandekar

Hey, there thanks for making it till here. I know I haven’t been posting a lot or not writing as what I have been used to and there are other such questions. So let’s kick off this year by your providing your valuable feedback (If you haven’t provided yet). It will hardly take two minutes but those two minutes are precious to me. So click on this link and don’t forget to submit your feedback.

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