The year of change…

The fact that a week has passed and I suddenly felt the urge to write about the New Year predicaments how slow I can be (Kudos ! to my readers). Well there are two sides to every tale one will argue that only the date on the calendar has changed and everything else remains the same the other will argue that no it’s a fresh start and you should definitely kick off on a new page.

Me, I’m of divided opinion; I do believe that nothing major has changed walking from 2017 to 2018. People are still fighting over race, caste and other such issues dampening our society and ignoring vital issues such as poverty, malnutrition, women security et cetera. People’s kindness has been replaced with their mammoth ego’s where now even the size of button matters. Political scams flooding the new outlets and malware spams flooding our email inboxes. A section of feminist women is fighting men even after getting a seat at the table while there is a section of women who are unable to find a seat in crowded buses. Men are going to war with the question whether to obey their fundamentals or the Orders from their superior. Kids these days have moved on from Tv’s and playgrounds to bullying and internet’s what not. Maybe nothing has changed at all. Maybe people are right the date has changed nothing else.

But then not everything needs to be sad and gloomy there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. Hope and optimist beliefs have kept us running for so long and so forth. Of course, certain changes are not visible immanently but slowly the tide seems to be shifting. People nowadays seem more aware and sense a belief in moral duty towards society. Using social networks to voicing their opinion to leading the campaigns of change. Truth is not hidden anymore and neither are the faces of wrongdoers. Technologic seems to be growing leaps and bounds and nothing seems like a dream now. Maybe not everything is bad as it seems.

So coming to the question, has anything from previous year changed? No. But will there be a change? Yes. See, it’s to sit and scream then to jump and start implementing things. It’s to sit on your couch and watch your belly grow than to wake up in the morning and hit the road running. It’s to say I wish then to say I should do. So my dear friend, go ahead and make this year the year where you did something than just another year which passed you and you regretted it the whole time.

Hey, there thanks for making it till here. I know I haven’t been posting a lot or not writing as what I have been used to and there are other such questions. So let’s kick off this year by your providing your valuable feedback. It will hardly take two minutes but those two minutes are precious to me. So click on this link and don’t forget to submit your feedback.

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