The pace of my fingers rapidly grew and I just kept hitting buttons as I was a pianist dived into a melody that’s pure gold. But that’s not exactly the case with me, he kept barking from behind as my pace grew faster and faster now even my heartbeat was slower than the jump of my finger from one button to the other. He was still there but I couldn’t hear him, all I could feel was a white noise distorting my spectrum as my eyes stayed glued to the screen. I’m not gonna blink, I’ll take the dare, I’ll stare. By every minute the clanking noise grew unsteady as the nerd from the other cubicle started peeking. I wonder how he must be feeling though, for once he isn’t the one who screwed up, he isn’t the one thrown under the bus, he isn’t the one galloping all his words, he isn’t the one they are picking on. I could see the look in his eyes as even he couldn’t fathom the events that were enacted.

Shit! he broke me out of my trance and I could now feel my demonic boss casting his huge shadow over my broken desire. I sometimes wonder what on this blue-green earth can be as mammoth as his ego and his ignorance, maybe I’ll find out soon enough. Stary eyes were now playing hide and seek through the glass walls we created but I’m not gonna let them steal a glance I will just continue looking at my screen. I felt like a lion from circus I know I could roar but my master has whipped me so hard that I have forgotten what does it feels like. For years I have sat here and nodded like a slave obeying their commands and fulfilling their wishes, swallowing my pride as they would march as they owned the kingdom. No, you don’t, you just have the authority that I don’t but does that makes you less human. Insulting someone for not being good enough, taunting them for not having “a life” as that’s what you call. Passing sexist comments just so you could have her or showing your enormous wealth as you parade right in front of us while we are the ones working hard, putting in hours and sacrificing dreams.

Maybe you never bite that hand feeds but don’t you retaliate if the same hand slaps you and tortures you? Maybe you should keep your heads down and work, coz that’s what you get paid for but does this mean we forget that we are humans and not machines and maybe we actually feel disheartened when branded as not-worthy. I’m happy silently machines are taking over and that AI is blooming leaps and bounds. By machines, I meant a breed of mine, a breed who has silently lost their voice in battles of the lost cause and sit in front of our computer screens dying a slow death with every compilation and revision. Till tears drop dry from our red eyes and yet we would still sit there. Why? Maybe there is a better future maybe things I or we might create might relieve someone from this agony of silent torture maybe they won’t need a voice just the words and the right platform.

Who knows maybe someone will retaliate and speak for himself or just sit there and admire the patience a human soul could bear when the agonies of pain are thrusted upon and yet no emotions are meant to be shown. Stop Bearing and Start Speaking!

via Daily Prompt: Silent


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