Hey Brother…

I thought alcohol could heal my pain,
As it healed you, but it seems my efforts where in vain.
I soaked myself in liquor till the last drop fell off,
As it fell, It felt like I was the one going down.
No substance could relieve me from my pain,
I wasn’t heartbroken I just kept staring at your frame.

Tears would eventually roll,
As I swiped them aside and open another bottle.
Today I’m drinking in your name.
Let me raise the glass and say a toast to our deaths.
The one who can’t breathe is remembered,
The one who died moves helter-skelter.

I thought I could help you when I was the one who needed it the most,
You held me in your arms as my bed became a graveyard for ghosts.
At night I kept you awake,
at days I kept you at bay.
My anxiety would eventually take toll,
as I kept running away to the farthest of place.

Still scathed by my thoughts, you ran behind me,
bruised corners and broken bones yet you ran to guide me.
You held me tight, as I might run away,
You could have taken me to a place where my anxiety was not yours to pain.
You believed in me as my nerves grew unsettled,
You caressed me, assured me as I fled with my scattered feathers.

You were my hope at end of the tunnel,
the lights have gone it’s the darkness that makes me shiver.
Afraid of losing myself I keep remembering you,
the anxiety is gone it’s the depression now I knew.
The clouds have drowned me as I try to find my place,
Don’t worry little fella I will fight till we meet again.

Maybe I’m a lost cause with the hope as slim as,
sand castles at the coastline.
The waves keep wrecking me apart,
but I promise to stand and embrace them with open arms.
I won’t run this time, won’t panic and will try,
You left me in a hurry I haven’t even said goodbye.

Adios my little brother as you loved me,
as a Mother could love her own.
You brought me to life,
While you were struggling with your own.
Take care of yourself till we meet each other in afterlife,
stop worrying about me and just go to sleep as tonight the stars shine bright.


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