I sat there for hours with my hands wrapped around my head. The shock and disbelief were unsettling. The gut-wrenching facts had slowly started churning in and I couldn’t fathom digesting them all. Ace is dead I said to myself as I was now staring at my computer screen in horror. Although I’m one of those who barely shows his emotional side being connected to Eiichiro Oda’s fictional character from the legendary One Piece manga (and anime) was something that established relevancy in midst of everything life. I barely knew more about my then-roommate then I knew about every character in One Piece universe and trust me there are just too many of them. But I guess this is how we confine ourselves in the world of fiction.

Fiction, where everything is fake yet every event and sometimes even the character is real. It’s better to believe that some guy in bat suit might save the world than someone in police uniform. Although it’s the cops who are real and are the ones who assure us a  proper good night sleep. But since they are humans and not some character written by Bob Kane and Bill Finger who is just almost perfect, till then it’s Batman in whom we trust.

I guess this is how fiction works. It treads you away from reality by dealing with harsh waters in a manner that is consumable and convincible to our hearts. It’s better to close your eyes and pretend it was a nightmare than to be awake and fight demons hiding under your bed. It’s better to call it a bad phase than to accept it as your own doing.

Maybe fiction does work for us, Imagine placing yourselves besides Robert Langdon in the quest to find answers to your origin in Barcelona rather than actually being stuck in Mumbai traffic. How about providing a helping hand to Wonder Woman to help the victims than to be a victim yourself. Although you can’t change facts and reality maybe we need fiction as a depressed soul needs a therapist, you can convince yourselves that you don’t need it but somewhere deep down that’s your only hope.

Maybe how we place ourselves in the fictional universe is important, How we love? How we care? How we don’t forget to utilize the human element of ourselves and try to make at least our lives better if not the world is important. Maybe it’s better to relate to Walter Mitty because it might be the tale of your life or maybe it’s better to place yourself in shoes of Ross and fight for Rachel. The point is not to get driven in fiction rather find the element and implement in yours.


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