A tragedy within…

I fell in love when I was in 10th standard,
I hardly spoke to her and she barely knew me,
Naive as we could be somewhere deep down in my heart I just thought she could be…
But then education sunk in and pressure for better future unraveled.
I passed with flying colors and now my crush seemed more like a beautiful fable.
I fell in love when I was in 12th standard,
This time I knew what my heart wanted,
Matured enough, she was the only person that I confided,
In late night messages and phone calls we trust,
Wrote a love letter and decided to finally step up and do the must,
I walked out to her only to see her giggle and smile,
In came a guy and off she went waving me goodbye.
I fell in love when I was in the first year of my engineering,
I have fallen twice not gonna fall again,
This time if the cupid strikes, I’ll duck and watch my step.
But this time it actually happened and it finally worked.
Never met this girl but I was already in love.
And so was she, we both confessed and happy were we.
But the day came that we finally decided to meet,
She brought her friend and I bought my inferiority.
We barely spoke a word, as our cell phones were already done with the talking.
I wasn’t looking like the pictures I uploaded and she was done smiling.
Wished she could have stayed a bit more instead of walking.
But she left and I gave up after a year of stalking.
This was my first heartbreak and it wrecked me apart.
Went back to engineering and by now I have failed in all subjects so far.
I fell in love when I got my job,
A promotion letter in my hand and a car in my parking lot,
branded shoes in my closet and had the bank balance that I never thought.
She was classy and witty, funny and moody,
focused and foodie, elegant and a bit of a cutie.
I was still the same and yet lame, shy and embarrassing,
antisocial and bit depressing, lonely and sarcastic.
She says if I would have tried then I would have been the one married to her,
Hardly that she knew I have been trying too long only to walk down the same routes of being dubbed as a miser.
Maybe I have accepted the reality and it’s harsh facts,
Maybe it’s the cover that needs to be attractive and not the book at last.
Or maybe it’s how you define success and live with it,
Or maybe you just write words on a paper and let people get along with it.
Who knows how things are meant to be,
Maybe I have lost so many times that love might be a feeling that is just not meant to be.
So my friend if you are still with me I congratulate you on your patience,
After all, who listens to a sad guy tale and says here he goes again.
But just listen to me once, as this might be the stupidest advice.
If you have fallen in love then don’t let it slip just go out and say it to them.
Or if you don’t then even you might end up writing like me but something with a better rhyme and frame.

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