The one that I cannot have…

Thou eyes met mine, I stood their stuck in your awe,

Years have passed like breeze of autumn wind.
And yet you are the toughest thing I couldn’t draw.
I don’t need your attention just a piece of you,
Your smiles worth everything,
Everything that’s worth dying for.

We were never meant to be together,
Parted by thoughts and split by ideologies of contrasting beliefs.
You won’t have been able to fly as I was the burden on your feather.
You were a good teacher, you wanted to make me feel alive.
I was hopelessly swept by your magic;
For me, you were my life.

Like predators, vultures schemed over you,
I always knew I was going to lose this battle,
Yet I fought until I realized I was one the who obtrude.
As the lamps went away as did our conversations fade away.
I was now a mere name once who made you smile and made your day.

It took me years to finally get past you,
like a never-ending huddle, I could hardly skip past you.
They said keep your past where it belongs,
So I kept you in my heart,
Carressed you with my every breathing thought,
Consumed your memories like drugs,
And slowly I shredded myself apart.

Finally, the day arrived as I saw you with him, vulture is still what I call him,
You looked happy in white while I went blue.
I greeted you both reminding myself that he doesn’t deserve you.
But my eyes said a different story, pretentious as I was,
If I would have shown you my vulnerabilities, then this battle would have been long lost.

I still fathom about you, my love,
Your feather touch, your misty eyes,
Those hairs of yours caressing my rugged face.
Those little moments when you would find comfort in my arms,
And those times with your never-ending talks.
I still fathom you,
I wish it was just you.

I wish we could run,
Someplace where we could hide from the sun.
But in reality, I’m not your ONE.
I will still make you smile,
I will still make you Laugh.
But you will always be the One that I cannot have…


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