I found my old cell phone and….

In struggles of everyday life, there hasn’t been a moment when I have skipped past a moment without checking my phone. I can skip breakfast but not my emails, I can ignore people in public places but not any WhatsApp messages. I can forget to sleep but will check for every notification that pops on my screen. It’s not just my drug it’s like my biggest vice and I have become an addict of it slowly and knowingly. For me, it’s like my oxygen cylinder I might actually breathe through it if there was an app; never realized that I have gone so beyond the horizon that now even rehab won’t work. But then my life demanded it and it did become my needle. Stuck in this corporate life cycle, of course, the first thing I do is check emails and messages. You make sure that you are still in the trend and like every other sheep you follow the herd and make sure that your followers know that as well, told you it’s addictive.

I post a picture of myself on Instagram and keep on checking just to count how many likes I have managed? I post a story on Snapchat and then consciously pray that people think you are “So Cool”. I tweet and check and recheck and again and again wishing for retweets. With barriers of network Social media has come with its own certification of social acceptance. Whether am I cool or not depends on likes and shares? Whether am I being socially acceptable depended on Dm’s and messages that I received. And if I didn’t receive them then Oh Boy! social media did turn into a cruel place for me.

So for an addict like me losing my cell phone is as good as ripping his heart apart and stabbing on it. In furious chase of me against the time, I started running towards the elevator just so I could make it on time and I did but at the expense of my cell phone that slipped through my fingers and fell like a water droplet on barren land. Leaving its impact with a shattered screen as if those pieces were part of my broken heart and I should wail in silence had it been more than a living breathing thing to me. Long story short the guys at customer service needed a week to get the thing fixed and I was stuck with my old cell phone.

Basic as hell, I had to literally push the buttons just to get a digit on screen. It was almost like making myself heard. No Whatsapp, no Instagram, no Social Media acceptance. At first, everything seemed dreadful. The ringtone, the portability, the embarrassment of using it in public place but I slowly moved on. See now, when I was waking up I wasn’t checking my emails rather I couldn’t. I wasn’t clicking pictures of food I was just eating it, I wasn’t messaging rather I was calling them and was having proper human communication something which phones were actually invented for. I wasn’t having mood swings based on Social Media acceptance, I wasn’t relying on somebody’s “like”, somebody’s message. For the first time, I felt free form barrage of things that I tried finding happiness in.

I was meeting people, I was trying to have conversations with them. We all have heard “What goes around, comes around” so did came my smartphone back and I was again back to being dumb. But this time around I wasn’t over-reliant, I knew I don’t need someone’s acceptance. That I can be “Me” and people might like you, hate you and definitely comment on you. I realized that talking about my problems was better than posting them on the internet. That life is beyond an HD picture and showing emotions is better than using them as emojis.

Everyone has an opinion so do I, so my friend look beyond your mobile screen and breathe for a moment, it’s your life. Don’t let the nets of virtuality haunt you and tell you that you ain’t cool, smart or acceptable. Just be yourself, not everything is meant to be shared with strangers, rather be friends with your strangers. Adios!!!


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