Somewhere I belong 

So I don’t belong amongst you, my infant kid, my pregnant wife; we don’t belong here. I agree I was born with this skin color, I was born into this religion and I grew up in this trench which you people now call it as your homeland. See when I was born nobody neither the Father from the Church, the Pandit from the Temple nor the Imam came to me and endorsed their religion and convinced me to join their religion it was something that I inherited with or against my will from my parents and something that will be imposed on my kids as well.

I’m not here to spark an argument or set the dominoes of cultural diversity debate roll. I’m here to ask you a simple question what did my wife bearing our unborn kid and our son do to get erradicated from your country. See the piece of land you guys dub as the home was once my home as well. I grew up in those streets, played ball with kids that you now call as your own breed. I attended the same school, ate the same pizza and had the same Metallica poster on my bedroom wall, tell me how am I different from you?. I went to the same college, I was educated in the same way as you guys were. I became a professor and earned my bread the same way as you did. My wife worked as a nurse she never asked anyone who the other person was before treating their wounds then tell us how are we different?

Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs, one heart and no mutant genes present, are you sure you and I are not the same? See what differs me from you is that I haven’t forgotten the deeds done by our society to help my family when we migrated, I haven’t forgotten the bread I broke with those people irrespective which religion they belonged to. I haven’t forgotten that man who I later realized was a father who paved me into the good man that I have become. Never forget the preachings they said, I say never forget the people the people that helped you go ahead. but it doesn’t matter anymore does it.

Some guy rose to the power and provoked you to treat us differently he blamed our section of society altogether for everything that happened on your land irrespective of whether it was our doing or not and you agreed, you obeyed, you followed him. You decided to throw us out, dragged us as if we were some animals not obeying our masters. you put us on a boat and tee’d us off. The worst part was not that we got abused or humiliated by likes of you it was walking through that place that we once called our home, apparently, it’s not ours anymore.

So here I stand on the border of some barren land; answer me this where do I belong? If I’m not one of you then who am I? Tell me what should I answer my kid who just got separated from his friends who were your kids. Tell me where do we belong, we who have this skin color? who are not part of your region, your society; tell me where do we belong?



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