Neither I fathomed nor was I asked,
The twisted knots of convoluted life started gripping in.
The lone wolf seats while the pack howls,
I sat there accustomed with faces that frown.
I have watched myself turned to a addict from a jubliant kid.
I have witnessed my downfall and still continued with my futile deeds.

See I’m unrelatable, I am every bit that you are not,
I am every bit that you wished you were not.
I don’t go to pubs and parties and dance like an animal.
I seat behind my computer and let my fingers control the code
and yet be fallible.
Am I at fault for not going out or am I to blame for things not working out.

I seat there to get high as hell when my adamant fingers move across the keyboard.
I feel trippy when my code compiles with no errors on the board.
I was a normal kid, I used to play football, have friends, I used to hang out.
Now I am that guy who is always at work and seems to have no life.
I never asked for this, but then those guys keep shooting me.
And I kept feeding on it, so much that now I could barely forsee myself without this rush.
I shan’t have fallen had this been my only drug.

Don’t overdo it you might die of overdose,
I did and I survived but I couldn’t check in for rehab.
See there’s no rehab for workaholics,
It’s just a new day, a new task and a job infidel to life.
I do get jealous watching others have fun while I await my turn,
I do feel the need to talk, only if I had someone.

So my dear friend work and work hard, be honest to it,
but don’t let it consume you, as you maybe turn an addict to it?
Live, laugh and smile,
have people in your life,
Learn and grow but don’t a workaholic
And hit a new low.


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  1. Seems like a heart is yearning for a break.


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