The one who never asked…

Neither I nor she was ready to break the ice,

Amongst the hordes of people surrounding us hide and seek played our eyes.

She was gorgeous skinny angel way above my league,

I was an average ugly kid the category itself defined me.

She stood right in front of me,

As all I did was smile,

Awkwardness sank in as I barely mumbled “Hi… “,

Her smile was heart screeching as she took me on a trip to cloud 9.

Back to reality, I kept gazing at her as she started passing by.


She was not my first crush nor was she the one who’s gonna last forever,

All I wanted was a glimpse, as she seemed as someone’s prized treasure.

So the dumbest thing I did was, I tried being clever,

Tried being her friend only to know she won’t be mine…never…


I have gone through these stupid one sided crushes, not gonna repeat the same mistakes again,

Tried being away from her, her smile made me blush, and my efforts were in vain.
Will she ever fathom that all I wanted was to know her better,

Or was I being judged because I wasn’t cool enough for her?

Do in world full of fancy shiny things was a sober thing acknowledged,

or was it my inferiority that made it easy to walk away…

Shall was the hope and will be my question…
maybe she would have said yes to a coffee had I asked her the same question?


Another crush now in vain, another effort of mediocrity heals the pain.

Wish things were easy as they were back then,

Wish asking you for a coffee was as easy as writing this whole thing down and never clicking on send.


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