24 things I learned being 24…

  1. Things will never be the same- One thing you’ll notice that as time passes things will never be the same. The people who you thought will always be there for you won’t be there. The plan that you made after graduation won’t be going the way you had expected it to be. That’s life things will never be the same.
  2. If you can preserve your innocence then do it- Innocence and youth are a gift certainly to be preserved. But as we head towards maturity we lose our innocence our selfish beliefs, our ego and its motives take over at the price of things that were never meant to be complicated. Be a kid at heart it helps.
  3. Stop talking, start doing- How many times did you plan on doing something but never saw it through. All those “Ohh I was doing that,but..” and many such excuses are never acceptable. If you wish to do something just do it.
  4. Forgive your parents- They are humans they will make mistakes so forgive them. Holding a grudge is not going to help you.
  5. Learn to drive, cook and adjust- The most basic thing learn to cook. You never know where you might have to settle, learn to cook, learn to adjust with people rather with egos.
  6. Improve your skills- Don’t be the jack of all trades and master of none. But one thing that you are good at, master it. Be so skillful that people should never question you when it comes to your ability.
  7. Have a hobby- Play, sing, dance, write for god sake have a hobby, my friend. Life is too boring.
  8. Commit mistakes but don’t repeat- Don’t fall in the same pothole twice. Don’t trust people who have betrayed you once. You are not perfect yes you’ll commit mistake but don’t repeat the same mistake twice.
  9. Like yourself- In the world of social media it doesn’t matter how many likes your picture got or how many people shared your post. Like yourself don’t rely on peoples acceptance for you. You are a unique creation so love yourself.
  10. Confide in your sibling- Having a sibling is a blessing, you have a partner who talks to you, shares with you and fights with you. But if you don’t have one (like me) there are always cousins. Basically, have someone in your family with whom you can talk and share about anything.
  11. Have a friend, a shoulder, a cousin and some stories- As I have said always have someone in your life who you can reach to even at midnight without any hesitation, without the fear of being judged and the one who will stand for you.
  12. Travel, just travel- Ohh you poor stuck in a cycle of life, break yourself free. Travel, visit places, meet new people; widen your horizon and perspective.
  13. Eat what you want but don’t indulge yourself in addictions- Have a good set of taste buds, eat what your heart craves don’t restrict yourself in name of diet. And no matter how much stress you are vices are never the answer.
  14. Listen to the music of any sort, watch movies, be diverse- Should I say more.
  15. Let your past stay where it belongs- We have the habit of bringing things from our broken past that are totally irrelevant in many cases we just don’t let it go. Let your past stay where it is, you on other hands you should start moving ahead.
  16. Look after yourself- In the end, it’s you who matter so start looking after yourself. instead of relying on others
  17. Its ok if you haven’t found your love- I haven’t one and there are many others just like us. Just don’t fall for someone because you need to, be with someone who will stick with you till the very end.
  18. Go for stability- A degree, a job, financial security are must or else things are going to be tough for you friend. But if it doesn’t it’s still not the end of the world.
  19. But be adventurous as well- Ok, go for stability but have some adventure as well. Don’tjust work, work and work; spend as well do things your heart desires after all whats the use if you can’t spend what you have earned.
  20. It’s ok to have a crush…one sided crush- We all have one, the one that could never be ours and it’s ok to dream for the stars but make sure you are firmly rooted to the ground.
  21. Cry, shout…express- Express yourself, your anger, your disapproval, your happiness and your sorrows don’t be contained.
  22. Have someone who believes in you and sees you for who you are- So I told my cousin I’ll write a book she jumped out of excitement, I told one of my colleagues and she laughed it off, I told my dad the same and he acted all skeptical. Point being, have someone in your life who believes in who you are and sees you for what you really are.
  23. Celebrate- Celebrate life as there is no tomorrow, or at least try to.
  24. Let it go- Probably the most important thing I have learned is let it go, don’t carry all those grudges, sorrows and hatred to your grave. Let it go. Live and let live!

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