I took a break and things happened…

[Note- This blog might have a loads of mistakes as I wrote it while I was traveling and to be frank enough I tried combining my travel diary with the events that took place in that duration.]

Thursday 04:22 am I left my office, it’s funny I have spent more than 19 hours at work and was finally calling it a day. In past 19 hours, I have barely eaten anything, had no sleep and was about to drive home when people usually wake up. This is my life. I slept like a baby that day, I woke up and was rushing back to my office again. Yes, I was going back and I don’t even know why? Maybe, it’s hard to break the vicious cycle of life. I reached office and found myself surrounded by courtesy less people again. I messaged my friend that I needed a break and God knows how but by the next hour we had planned a road trip and we had tickets to reach there and all things fell in place. I wished we would have planned things like this before.

By midnight I had departed and we reached Konkan by afternoon. For me it’s not just my home, it’s that place where I learned the struggles of my life and how to overcome them and most importantly it’s that place where I completed my engineering but most importantly met another sarcastic retard an evil twin like me. I guess people like me do exist.

We traveled and traveled waterfalls, hilltops driving our car through edges of the mountain to open highways. They say the best pictures are not meant to be captured but to be remembered and this was probably the first time instead of indulging myself in stupid selfies I admired what nature had to offer. We dined and ate almost every type of cuisine Konkan could offer and made fun of every guy that was supposedly on our hit list. By this time I had no contact with what we assume as life. I didn’t know how many emails I had received neither I knew what was trending on twitter. Life without the internet, a life where people would make jokes right in front of each other face then troll or bully someone on behind computer screens. A life where eating food and admiring the chef is important than posting it on Instagram. A life where friends would hang out with you in real than some chat rooms of Facebook. A life where car honks were replaced by the continuous dripping sound of the rain drops. A Life !!!

Fast forward to present day, I reached my city and notifications flooded in. 336 odd WhatsApp messages from groups that I have muted. Email notifications reminding me that I haven’t escaped my chains of employment. While I was juggling through all of my social media accounts altogether at once things started hitting me. While I was offline Chester (lead singer of Linkin Park) died #RIPChester, the girl who apparently confessed her crush to me got engaged, someone posted a bad review about my team on Glassdoor and my family was still the same (oh wait that’s not new).

Seriously a lot did happen in 3 days. I was confused, should I mourn the death of one of my favorite artist or should I sympathize and tell that girl that nothing was ever going to happen and that she should move on with her life happily or should I call everyone from my team and ask them about the review. Damn too many things to think about. But I didn’t feel like doing anything Moreover I didn’t do anything. I just lied on my head wore my headphones and played “In the end” (famous Linkin Park song that made them famous) on the loop. Chester still sounds good may he rest in peace.

If you are still reading this blog and wondering what is the point of this whole thing, my answer is I don’t know. Maybe it’s ok if you don’t want to share the world how you feel, maybe it’s ok to break your routine, your rules and follow what your heart says, maybe it’s ok to meet your friends in real life than to talk to them on Whatsapp.  Maybe it’s ok to just put on your headphones and ignore the white noise polluting your life. Who knows maybe I’m right?



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