The boy who sold Reality..

Ain’t no storm can whither my ambitions,
I shall stand in this pouring rain.
Those winds shall break me,
But I shan’t be uprooted..

Exactly the words that sparked my head when I saw him standing in the rain. Skinny lad, pale skin, his head covered with a plastic cap which I’m guessing was self-made, short by stature and somewhere in his puberty. He held his hands out and was selling garbage bags. Yup, garbage bags. While the rain drops came pounding down on the ground, he stood tall as these meteor like droplets were not able to break his spirit. It rained and rained and he just stood there. While every human soul ran for cover he still stood at the corner with his hands out.

Finally, the Gods did showed some mercy on him as the showers took a break. I had many questions, my curiosity just won’t let me settle so I decided to walk right at him. I was about to ask some random guy why was he doing and what he was doing. I stood right in front of him he was a diminutive figure, I looked right at him. He smiled as he just met his old friend. “Bags..?” he said “1 for 20, 3 for 50..” he continued. Lost for words I continued staring at him blankly, he repeated the same thing again. I broke my silence and asked him “You came straight from class..?” I caught him off-sided. He barely moved his lip, he was a kid barely in his teenage days, he had backpack which looked heavy supposedly filled with books so I just guessed. By time I completed my observation he replied “Yes..I came straight from the classes.”

Now, that we broke the ice I started coming to the point. “Why are you standing in this rain?” even before I could complete my question he showed me his garbage bags. I asked him “Why are you selling it..?” and his answer was something that I never expected. He said “I’m in 12th grade I need 15000 to pay my fees, my mom is a waiter and my father is lost somewhere in oblivion. I want to learn and my mom can’t afford to, so here I stand..” “Will you be able to..?” I followed to which he replied “Yup, I will”. I couldn’t stop admiring his spirit I withdrew a 10 rupee note from my pocket and bought a bag. He smiled as I waved goodbye.

While walking away holding the dark-colored garbage bag I realized a few things; not once did he begged nor he whined about his tragedies. He could have mention about all the awful things that he was going through but instead he choose to stand and smile. He could have given up but his sheer will to beat the odds was admirable. A mammoth of task, a bet on his own future and he still stood as the time passed him. Will he be able to make that much money? I don’t know but does he has heart to do it, I would say Yes.

Life isn’t bed of roses, we all have our demons sleeping underneath our bed trying to sneak in once things go dark. We can fight them or be haunted. We can either walk through the storm or run for cover so that you never learn how to walk. You can either smile through the pain or whine as this world is already a depressed place.

“I shall ask for help and shall give you my hand when in pain,
Even in darkest days I believe we can fight till the end,
I won’t beg for mercy, but happiness if I could spread like a blossomed flowers fragrance,
Your life is not a calamity, believe in yourself, dream and breath
While I sell reality..Believe in what you seek..”


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