The Illusion of reality…

I always believed the key to a perfect illusion is fooling the folks that you are being fooled but this illusion fails when it turns into a reality. An Illusion, the world sees what you show them, the best magicians never reveal their tricks. And to be fair even we know they are fooling us but that’s the point. Since we can’t have the grasp of reality that abides us, so we go with the immaturity of not knowing et all. An illusion!

Show the world you are powerful and they believe it, show the world your weakness and they would use it. Show them your vulnerabilities and they would breach your armor, show them your strength and they bow down in honor. Two faced natures and pretentious masks, we fool the whole world how strong and powerful can we be but the moment we become vulnerable we lose our long-fought battles. We always create an illusion and then we force our audience to believe in that illusion.

He lived in an illusion as well, as pretentious as he was. The illusion of everything’s alright was the one he showcased. Confident and full of optimism his trick was pretty slick and to brag the credit he was well in fooling everyone. He was living the life that at least few envied. Luxuries at his feet, a perfect job, a good background, things just were too perfect or was he being fooled by his own trick? Apparently, the latter turned out to be a reality.


He became the fool of his own trick and damn that was a good trick. See people remember the card that magician shows but then they don’t keep track of all the cards he had stacked in his deck it’s always the card he showed. So here’s the trick he lived a normal life that’s the card shown. He progressed leaps and bounds till the serenity could chase and conquer that’s the deck. He dealt a blow for a blow and still was a happy guy that’s the card being shuffled against the deck. Now, he turned to his audience and the audience found the same card, a pretentiously happy guy. And scene!!!

Nothing odd; see that’s what I have been telling you the biggest illusion is to fool everyone and in turn, let people believe that you are the one being fooled. Here’s what you missed, not for an instance did you realize that amongst the stacks of cards or heaps of complexities which he constantly went back and forth did we realize that life does keep continuously shuffling and all you gotta do is smile. Smile even though you know your trick failed, smile even though it’s you who your life is fooling. As pretentious and obnoxious one could be the biggest gamble is to try to live your life and try that trick once again. Hope you are still with me, cause the biggest trick is to let people believe that you are happy so that they can either envy you or be confused and figure out what’s the trick and that my friend is the greatest illusion you create. Adios!!!


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