A letter to my long lost friend..

Dear friend (if we still are),

I wanted to start off with Charlie Puth’s lyrics”It’s been a long day without you, my friend..” but that still won’t sum up the void that has been left by you. It’s crazy how we ended up here but then “Friends Forever” was just a promise. A promise that none of us was keen enough to keep it. A promise that none of us should have made in the first place.

We were kids when we met, we schooled together, same class, same bench. We even stayed in the same vicinity. Back then life was normal. You would go to school, you come back home and you hang out with your friends, no stress. But slowly we grew and then life happened. I remember when I was a kid I used to cry my way to school because I hated it, I still can’t give up my cartoons over anything. But the day the school ended, the feelings started to settle in the most.We were not exactly the “Best Friends”, but hey we would still give a damn about each other.

With curtains falling on our innocence we were on brink of what adults used to call “Life”. And Life did happen. We all went our separate ways, we choose different careers, different paths, a different life. The feeling of “We will stay in touch..” still dwelled within us. Phone calls every now and then, messages and those weekend hang outs would still lighten up the mood and reminded us of how special the bond was. But slowly these things started to fade away. Phone calls turned sour, messages would become more formal and “I’m meeting you this weekend” was replaced with “Let’s plan some other time..”. And let me remind you is not just your fault, it’s mine too. We both have been stuck in an infinite loop called Life and we both are trying to figure out how to get the best out of it.

But then everyone is stuck in this loop we are no different. So did we both stopped trying after a while? Yes. Were we able to give up our ego’s and say fine I’ll call him/her since I haven’t heard from him/her for a long time? No. And that’s the funny part. We went from  “Friends Forever” to “Friends We Were”. Sometimes you just go extra mile for someone, usually that someone we care the most. We fight, argue, love and probably would go bat-sh*t crazy for that one. And let me remind you that “One” is the one who gave you a shoulder in your hard times, a tissue when you cried, crossed the line to defend your lies and stood by you when things were just not alright.

I genuinely don’t know what I could have been and I just want you to know that I still remember you. I may not call you every day, talk to you every day. But somewhere in back of my head the thought of your good being always presides. I’m not at all promising you that I’ll always be there for you. But I do promise that If you do need me someday I’ll find my way towards you.

Take care, my friend. Hope to see you soon.


The one whose call you never answer (just kidding).

Image Courtsey- Scholastic.com


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  1. theteenagemessblog says:

    I can totally relate. Please check out my blog. I would really appreciate your opinion.


    1. Thank you for reading our blog. And we will definitely check your blog out.

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