You are banned, not because you are black or white,
Not because you live on the other side of border or way across the ocean.
You are banned because WE SAID SO.

You might have served for our country for years,
Your father might have taken a bullet for us.
But you are banned because you don’t belong to us.

You were born and raised here,
You have a family and a job.
But this, this is not your home.
This is not your country and we are not your people.

We gave you a life and a shelter.
A dream and a future.
But now that times have changed.
It’s we who don’t want to take things further.

Of course, he passed the law and we stood by him.
He is our leader and we were the ones who chose him.
He might/might not resemble the same ideology.
But now the point has been made, You are Banned.

It’s funny how you and I look the same.
Eyes, ears, nose..Oh wait you have a beard, we don’t.
It’s funny how we started discriminating based on skin color and religion.
You don’t worship our god, we might as well remove you from our sight.

Yours is a backward country, ours is full of dreams.
They said, believe in diversity, but there has to be only one king.
You wore a turban over your head and we demoted you as a terrorist.
You came from a refugee country, we highlighted you as a terrorist.
Under the name of religion and country, we started judging people.
Who are we, we are the ones who decide what’s right and wrong.

Humanity doesn’t matter to us, What matters to us is do you belong to us.

We are the ones with a clog in our head. We think we are superior while you are just a Being.
We label you based on what pleases us, you just follow our lead.

There is only one god and he created us one.
But we decide whose religion is superior and who’s destructive.
It’s all in the name, color, and your place.

It’s funny how a name decide who you are and where you belong a KHAN is a Muslim,
while KHANDEKAR is Maratha.

It’s funny how god created us and we make decisions on whose god is better.

But again such thoughts are BANNED.

Image Courtsey- World Of We Are One


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