It wasn’t meant to be compressed,
It was meant to be expressed.
It was your desire that kept you running,
Not your destiny that halted your progress.

You fell and you fell apart.
You stood and everyone watched.
Sitting alone at the corner table, you watched and learned.
Living inside your empty head the wheels of hate were churned.

All those dried tears and shallow cry for help.
Watching everything ripped apart and collecting pieces till the end.
You know it was killing you, yet you stood by it.
It was your decision and those consequences were just result of it.

Standing in front of you, a skinny figure,
Eyes darker than coal and skin white as snow,
He lies through his teeth as his self-esteem always drops a new low.
All hate accumulated over the years,
All the pain of not expressing your heart.
His numb voice crippled and so was his broken past.

Angry as his head, you lost it.
You know it was coming you just couldn’t handle it.
Like a beast you ruthlessly killed every feeling you had.
Left were the pieces of what once seemed a beautiful path.

The truth shall set you free, but you never really opened your mouth.
A favorite target of partiality even death won’t do you apart.
You wished you could have just come out of your closet and set yourself free.
Now you just a psychiatric patient in ward number 3.

Nothing good came when you were angry, nothing good came when you were silent.
A confused state of mind, compressed anger, nothing good came the day you became violent.
A silver line was drawn and the story ended.
Anger killed a heart while Rage killed a soul.

Dedicated to all those who experience Rage in some or the other form. I know people don’t understand you and that you have your own reasons. But try to control it as I said earlier “Nothing good comes being silent or being violent”. LIVE YOUR LIFE..!!

Image Courtesy-keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk


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