It’s OKAY…..

It’s ok to just scream your hearts out,
It’s ok to shout from the rooftops.
Let that inner kid of yours be out of that cage.
Keep hold of your tongue not your imaginations.
Give them wings not excuses.
Bring them to life and live it fearlessly without any consequences.

It’s ok if you are not neat and tidy,
It’s ok if you are not well dressed and your hair is messy.
It’s ok if the clothes are piled up on your bed than in your closet.
It’s ok to just take a break and binge watch tv series that you haven’t watched yet.
See life’s not an audition and you are not competing.
It’s ok if people don’t like you.
You are not a muse of attraction to be rejoiced by everyone.
You are a soul to be treated with joy and love.

It’s ok if there are hardships in your life.
It’s ok if things are falling apart and that you could barely hold onto anything.
See life, Life’s like a roller coaster,
It slowly goes up and within a split second, it goes down.
And you will be knocked down, not once or twice,but many many times.
It’s ok if you take your time to stand back up, but remember my friend
don’t fall in the same puddle twice.

It’s ok if things don’t work out the way you wanted it to be,
It’s ok if you have become something different than what you used to be.
People close to you will know what made you and will stand by you.
The fake ones will take a new ticket and find a new one to replace you.

It’s ok to fall in love, have those stupid one-sided crushes.
The stupid stalking, the eagerness to have eye contact.
It’s ok to fall in and out of it. Maybe they weren’t meant for you.
Maybe all the darkness craved was the touch of moonlight to be with her.
It’s ok to have heartbreaks, you’ll learn and grow.
And the day you find that “ONE”, even the darkness from your life will go.

It’s ok to be alone and be calm.
It’s ok to take time out and just breathe it out.
If you want to hold onto something, hold onto your thoughts that make you happy,
Fill you with life and happiness that keeps you warm during your cold nights.
Stop using your emotions as a shield and protect yourself.
Instead use it as a letter to connect with others.

It’s ok if you thought that this was the stupidest read of your life.
You wasted a few minutes while this whole thing didn’t even rhyme.
Well, I just wanted to get my message across you.
You, you staring at your screen. You are beautiful and so is your life.
Stop overthinking, just let it go..
And whenever that stupid heart of yours start panicking just take a deep breath.
And console it, “It’s Ok..I’ll get through this..I’ll still stand back and smile,
Even if dealt with a blow”.



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