Glass Walls…

No, I’m not a prisoner but there is hardly anything I do with my free will. No, I’m not a slave you see this badge around my neck that’s like a collar representing me as one. No, I’m not a criminal facing any charges. I’m just a corporate guy who signed his own death warrant.

I was a normal human until greed stepped in. My eyes filled with vivid dreams. Ambitions to strive for and hunger that kept me up and running have been long lost. I ran through my academia so that I could taste freedom. The power of being independent and sense of fulfilling it ran through my veins and I just couldn’t stop resisting it. All the myths of once you are educated you shall embark on a journey to the new world where plain lies. I could have been anything but now I’m just a mere copy of “I shouldn’t have dreamt about anything”.

Illiterate and immature I auditioned for the role of a clown. I sold myself to the highest bidder; the contracts came faster than jill came tumbling down.I tried finding a way out but I was stuck in a looping maze. No matter where I would go they would just scorch me from beneath the surface of the earth. I fought, I resisted, I agitated and then I accepted. I accepted the harsh reality bestowed upon me. I learned to swallow my pride and accept the judgment my master would descend upon me.

Now, I’m just a lie of what I wanted to be. The reminisce of my past still haunts me but nowadays I barely sleep.I always wondered why criminals are placed in separate cells, the smart man said: “So that the criminals should not collude”. Divide and rule, torture and conquer. We aren’t different from them our masters placed us in a glass cell called as cubicles. They gave us a medal when they enjoyed our performance they even honor us with a promotion. You know the story of feeding a goat before you chop just so you could get more meat out of it. While we are deluded by the shiny trophies. They are the ones waiting to rip us apart.

They will take your dreams, your ambitions, and your aspirations. Your pride, your ego, and something called as humility. However, they will leave you with a void deep inside your heart. So that every time you look at a bigger paycheck you may try to fill it with something fancy.

To all those placed in such cubicles aka “Glass Walls“. Life isn’t bad it’s your rendition that makes it worse. I know it’s not filled with a bed of roses but hey you can at least try to make it comfy for yourself. I’m not asking you to accept the facts that you didn’t live your life or your dreams. All I’m asking you is try to breathe once outside your OFFICE door, who knows what freedom smells like.

And for all those noobs rushing into this corporate race. Please, don’t forget that money doesn’t rule over anything. No matter what they say.


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