The one with Incomplete Love Stories….


Unusual circumstances have always ended putting people in situations where they either make some stupid decisions or walk away from a chance of their life. I’m not different to this situation either. After a hiatus of 4 years of convincing myself , healing and getting over her. I ended up seeing her at a coffee shop. Yup, after 4 long years we were facing each other and hoping the cupids don’t go striking arrows again. She was still the same short,sweet and cute. Her hairs covering her eyes and then she would immediately tuck them behind her ears. Her eyes still glowed like a sparkling star. For a moment everything seemed to stop.

Lost in a trip to nostalgia, I didn’t realize I was standing in the middle of a cafe staring at her. The unthinkable has happened screamed my brain. The gates were open and the emotions were about to break out. All the methods of forgetting her, erasing her from my life seemed futile. All those deleting her messages then her phone number, blocking her on social media and pretending that I’ll never see her again,forgetting her birthday. All these acts now seemed a mere distraction to keep my heart entertained.

We were teenagers when we fell for each other. Back then asking a girl out was a mammoth task. Social media later came to rescue. Sneaking up behind the college just to meet each other. Ditching friends for stupid reasons so we could hang out. Things were seriously simple. But then I moved out and I don’t know why long distance relationships don’t work (In my case any type of relationship just don’t seem to work). Suspicion flooded our thoughts, Insecurity feasted on our false beliefs and we both believed what our immature judgments made us believe. We both ended making a mockery of a very beautiful relationship. Wished we would have just talked to each other than, it would have helped a bit.

Back to the cafe, We both still staring at each other. I even lost the count for how many minutes I stood there like a fool. But finally, the trance was broken. Intervened a guy. The guy who I got replaced with. He kept her hand on her shoulder and for that brief moment, she panicked as if she was caught cheating. She reluctantly moved her shoulder so he could remove his hand. At this point, the neurons in my brain were asked to be in action and somehow all I managed to say was “Hi..”. She smiled; I was hoping she would say something but she continued staring with her beady eyes. I didn’t wanted to freak her out so I finally moved to the side so they both could walk away. At this very point, all I was praying is that “Please, don’t turn around..” (Actually, I’m lying I was hoping she would look back at me once). She didn’t and that summed up everything about out broken relationship.

“Stood there mesmerized,
Trapped in your aura.
I still remember the scent,
For me you were heaven-sent.
We could have been different.
Only if we lived another day.
I will still fall for you,
While you keep gazing at me.
I don’t know about rebirths,
But somewhere in parallel universe,
you were just meant for me.
Take care, my love…”

So far all those who are in a relationship. Here’s a tip “TALK” don’t let your ego kill what your heart truly believes in. After all, you never know what you have until its lost.

Image Courtesy – Getty Images


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