Stories Around: What Goes Around Comes Around

Personally, I never believed in karma. When I was a kid I still remember complaining to my dad how some of my classmates used to tease me and he used to tell me that I should never face them and that there is someone watching them keeping account of it. At that point as a kid, it was way too hard to digest all this. I would rather believe in superman coming to my rescue than some “karma” handle its job. 

But time passed and I grew and I learned a lot about how nature works. And then i started seeing practical versions of how “What goes around always comes around..”. I have had experiences and i have heard stories from my colleagues, friends, family and from strangers. Here’s a collection of few stories –

Body shamed – Pooja (Childhood Friend)- 


“I was in school probably 9th or 10th standard. I had this huge crush on my classmate. He was tall, good in sports, was a class topper back then. He was the perfect guy. I liked him a lot. We were good friends, we talked a lot. So one day I took it on myself to ask him out. When I did,he laughed and said that I was a bit too “Huge” for him. Of course, he rejected me.Years passed , just a few months ago I saw him shopping at some mall with his wife. And trust me I stood right in front of him and laughed my heart out. If he thought I was fat and he must take a good look at his wife..(wink)”.

Lift –  Yashodhan (An avid bike rider)-


“So you know me, I’m always touring around the country. So once, I guess I was riding through southern border of Jaipur and was entering the core city. It was humid and dry. I could feel heat waves rushing on me one after the another. I saw two kids standing beside the road waving me for lift.  I stopped asked them where should I drop them. I gave them some water to kill their thirst. And dropped them off to their village. Few kilometers ahead I ran out of petrol. A car stopped beside me, it was a family. The man asked me the issue and helped me to make it to the city.”

Low standards – Gaurav (Author of WordsOfAnIntrovert)-


“I had a humongous crush on one of my classmates when I was in college. She was by far the most perfect girl I might have seen. Me being stupid, I fell for her. When I proposed her. She said I wasn’t up to her standards. That I was middle class and couldn’t afford her standard of living. Recently one of my friend informed me that she got married and then divorced because the NRI fellow thought that she wasn’t up to his standards.”

Hate – Aishwarya (Doctor and a good friend)-


“My neighbors were typical orthodox and narrow-minded people. For them  a baby girl was a sin and a boy was a boon. The old woman even forced abortion on her daughter-in-law when the sonography result came out. The baby in her womb was a girl (back then when it was available for people to find the gender of an unborn child by bribing the doctor, but we have come a long way since then). Later, the old woman suffered a blockage and was admitted to a very luxurious hospital. My father even said them that I could diagnose her, but then I was a girl too. While performing the operation the old woman died. A few weeks later a news report flashed that hospitals were hiring doctors with fake degrees. Guess, whose name was on the top of the list. The guy who conducted that old lady’s operation.”

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  1. Amazing post. I myself am a true believer of Karma. But never ever have thought of something that would infuse pain to anyone. However, Karma you do your work. He/She is best at it.
    Kudos friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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