Behind Every Woman…

A broken heart and a broken home,
She gave him everything she owned.
She built the castle with twigs,
when her own survival had no hope.

Deemed by the society, She embraced her scars
Swallowed her tears, her pride.
Her life was now restricted to counters of bars.
She wanted to be a good mother,
She couldn’t be a good bride.
Her family turned faces when she ran away with him.
He just made fool of her, she was never going to be his wife.

Teenagers make mistakes, mistakes made by teenagers,
Filled with anger and outrage,
She slit her veins open, yet death didn’t consume her.
Aged 18 with a child in her womb.
She promised her unborn child,
She will let him live and bloom.

She worked shifts at bar,
Perverted men slyed around her.
In world full of jerks,
Thank heaven her owner was human with heart.
Her son grew around people who betrayed their own lives.
Some drunk in sorrow , some with their petty lies.

How often she would endure her pain,
She wanted her son to have a life,
She protected him from storms,she made sure
His life shouldn’t be in vain.
Lived in a street full of murderers and gangsters,
her biggest fear came to life when her own son was caught
in cross hairs with mobsters.

Strived and thrived she educated him to enlightment.
Her son was now in MIT, she was a high school drop out.
She was proud her son was strong and he proved her wrong,
With his desire and judgment.
She sacrificed everything to give him a life,
She beared all the stitches when her own dignity was under knife.

She had regrets in her heart and smile on her face,
She made her living out of nothing,
her own dreams gave up the chase.
Finally, she bid adios when time came to reap the fruits of her labor,
Her son was a graduate, she made him a man without asking god for any favors.

Bless her soul for her hunger stricken days,
she didn’t cling to her past.
She paved her own way.
Her life filled with gloomy clouds,
she saw the sun when the world lost another mother who made a man great.

Image Courtesy – ShutterStock


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