A Soldier’s Letter..

Dear Better Half,

It’s been years that we first met. I asked you out,outside Joe’s, you rejected me telling me I was incompetent. And I was, actually; a college drop out, broke and surviving on my brother’s pay. He was the total opposite, Army general, record holder in sprinting and his intellect would put me to shame. I was just his shadow. I still remember punching your then boyfriend in his face, well, because you know me. From that point we both have walked various paths of our lives and then finally crossed the one that mattered. It was more surprising when I realized you were the one who bailed me out of the jail that night.

Just to prove a point to your dad and my brother even I joined the Us navy troops. Not gonna lie, I sometimes regret being here but you never complained, you helped me take decisions that I couldn’t. I still admire you bravery when I had to go for first tour. You were strong enough to stay alone at our broken apartment , even when you were pregnant. I’m sorry my dear I couldn’t be when Junior was born. You had to go through it all alone. You raised him, you started working shifts. You made sure there was food on table, you made sure that my son never felt my absence. Gifts under Christmas trees, cakes on his birthday. You did what even I couldn’t have managed and yet you never complained.

Thanksgiving were worst, when your parents locked horns with mine. Arguments flooded tables more than food and yet you remained calm like a tree letting all the annoying breeze pass you. You were rich, you were spoiled and yet you turned out to be an ideal wife.

But our life had its own twisted turns from losing our son in a car accident to losing our house to Katrina (hurricane) yet you never lost hope. You always gave your best, I just sat there and admired.

I never really did anything for ya, I just sat idle and watched you work your magic. But, magic doesn’t really exist it’s just illusion. You deluded me for years while you fought hand and fist with cancer. You mesmerized me with your words while you bleed blood. Sorry, my dear I couldn’t be there when you cried in agony, wished I would have cried with you. I could have held you once when you puke blood.

Sorry, my love I couldn’t be there when you took your last breath. I couldn’t even manage to be at your funeral. We soldiers always watched each others back. But in our family you were the lone wolf, I never stood by you. I never supported. I was too busy fighting the enemy at borders that I lost my battle to inferior killing cancer.

Sorry, my love wish we could meet again one more time outside Joe’s. Wish you would reject me just one more time…


The guy whom you always loved.

Image Courtesy- The Artistic Christian


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