Piece Of A Puzzle…

Like a beautiful game of puzzle, every birth seems to have a meaning.
We fill in some voids while we leave some empty.
We bond with strangers while we watch our soulmate’s burn to envy.
This game isn’t fair sometimes breaking the rules are tempting.

A journey that was embarked since birth.
Life isn’t filled with monotonous joys.
It was his own wicked twists and turns.
Sorrows, heartbreaks, and memories that we let burn.

We meet some, we acquaint with others.
We love some, we let go the one’s that begged to differ.
In walks of our lives, people come and go.
The one’s that stayed last forever.

Like a missing piece of puzzle, every other soul tries to fill the void.
Some fit while others part away from our spheroid.
But why does it hurt when someone breaks our heart,
Our heart cries in pain as the broken pieces are shambled in vain.
They walk away leaving us empty and hollow.
Breaking the promises of yesteryear’s,
Stranded in their memories we keep drowning,
our eyes flooded with sympathetic tears.

It hurts because they took a piece of you,
Yes, your picture is now incomplete and you need to fill in with someone new.
Only few who promised to be forever stayed and abide by it.
Only few who gave you a shoulder when nobody bothered, resided by it.

Life is a beautiful game of puzzle,
We all are searching for its missing pieces.
Some that will fill our imaginations with vivid colors.
Some gave us life lessons and ended up being our best teachers.

A missing piece of your puzzle exists too,
Follow your heart but don’t let it fool you.
Don’t let a loved one escape like quicksand through the hour glass.
Sometimes the piece we are searching is always in front of us,
We just tend to forget that.

As the years will pass, you’ll recognize it’s not your picture anymore,
the game you played was over,
All left with you were its and bits of pieces,
that made your picture complete, people stayed in your life for a reason

Sooner or Later you will acknowledge that there aren’t any ¬†missing pieces anymore.

Life is a beautiful game of puzzle some fill us with joy while some with sorrows.


Image Courtesy- Videezy.com



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