Free Bird…

His hands shivering, he steadily removed the letter from the envelope. His eyes didn’t blink for a second. He went through every line,every word. His eyes glistened as he reached the last line of his resignation letter. He folded that letter and placed it inside his pocket. Now, staring at the washroom mirror a sense of rebellious joy invoked through his blood. He kept on hitting his face with water trying to wash off all the negativity from his life. The man who walked out that office restroom was now one with pride and self-respect.

An average yet overly ambitious kid, he wasn’t the brightest in the family yet he somehow managed graduation. The burden of his parents dreams guided by the taunts of relatives who always compared him on merit killed all his dreams. He wanted to be a photographer. The colors, the lights, human reactions and beauty of nature amazed him. He wanted to capture them all. But  the only thing he would capture was the moment when his father shrugged the idea of he being a photographer, that’s not even a profession. The words still abide by him. He became an engineer, somehow managed to become one. And like every other educated slave even he sacrificed his dream for greed called as money.

His earnings were averaged too but it never satisfied his heart. The abuses of his boss,the lack of respect, managers seeing him with heinous eyes perpetrated his desire. He wanted to quit his job but his boss, his family won’t let him. The fact that tomorrow he might have to sleep with an empty belly frightened him. But he finally reached saturation. His sore eyes were now tired of dreaming and wanted to explore things he always wanted to seek. He typed his resignation letter logged out of his email account, switched off his phone and off he went. For the first time he wanted to breathe, he wanted to explore, sense and thus live. For the first,time there were no beady eyes staring at him watching him make the next move. The weight of responsibilities was not weighing on his shoulder anymore. He didn’t carved a plan all he had was 55mm lens to speak his heart out.



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  1. Nice story. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ Keep bleeding words.


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