Separated by railway tracks, we stood right in front of each other.
On different platforms all those promises of never getting back seemed to wither.

We didn’t uttered a word yet our eyes spoke volumes.
The cherry colored violins were still singing the old tunes.

Neither of us hesitated, none of us was holding back.
Still stubborn as usual, love was the only feeling we lacked.

Like stupid teenagers we fell for each other.
When maturity struck we fell apart from each other.

I still remember those evening walks, those candid late night calls.
The one that made me blush, smile and fall.

Suddenly my appearance mattered, so did my cologne.
Nowadays I’m just running through my closet trying not to look stoned.

But you didn’t changed; dressed in pretty white.
Hairs down, red lipstick; you seemed more than alright.

The boy in me wanted to cross that platform and walk towards you.
Hold you for one more time, yet the dreams won’t come true.

I still dream about you, wishing how things could have been different.
Suspicion killed us and everything seemed insignificant.

Lovers on the sun, we couldn’t last a year.
The person standing right in front of me was the one thing that i held dear.

But just like the other guy, the train entered.
We were again separated, we just couldn’t be together.

Now surrounded by flock of people my eyes were still searching for you.
Tell me something my love were your eyes searching for me too.


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