The Richest Man…

Every morning he sat outside the park. Must be in his 80’s at least that what his face screamed, covered with wrinkles and dark patches underneath his tired eyes. He dressed sober and always had a paper cup in his hand. He seemed tired but greeted everyone with a helpless smile. People, passed him everyday like autumn breeze brushes through our face. But he would always be at his usual spot. Like he was a work of art made for amusement of on-goers.

He was present that day too, carrying on with his usual routine. Staring glances from people passing him, like the second-hand passes away. One woman stood right in front of him. She seemed modest; was definitely a working woman and held a paper bag in her hand. She pulled some eatables from her bag like a magician removes rabbit from his hat. The old man was pleased with the women’s gesture. In no time he took out his bag and carefully wrapped the snacks in his bag. He thanked her as he watched the women walk away. The old man was now brightened with the smile. And he continued to carry on with his routine.

A few moments later a small kid entered the park. Stalking everyone as they walk through him. He raised his hand up and down begging for nickels. Many ignored him, many shrugged him off others blatantly ignored. And a few kind-hearted souls stopped and placed coins in the little fellas hand.The old man now was continuously staring at the kid. He could hear the things the kid was wailing about. Every being that passed the kid,he just kept repeating same lines to them “Please, give me some food………..I’m hungry…”.

He must be 5 years old, by look of it he seemed orphan. Born and raised in the streets even god never had mercy on such kids. While kids of his age go to school, beggars like him plead to people for surviving the day. The old man who was beggar himself. Now stood on his feet and started marching towards the kid. He opened his bag and handed the snacks that he had to this kid. The kid looked in awe and urgency rushed through him.He immediately opened it and pounced on the food like a starving lion on his prey. The kid wasn’t looking left and right,now all he wanted was to kill his hunger. While it must not have been enough for him, it was far more enough to make the kid happy. The old man now started walking towards the gate with a pleasing smile. A beggar by destiny but the richest man from his heart. 

Image courtesy- Better India


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  1. zico says:

    Nice one


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