(Before you Read the writer has just expressed his thoughts and that he does not have any personal vendetta against any God or Religion for that matter. If anybody’s sentiments were hurt the writer apologizes deeply. Enjoy the read with an open heart.)

Here I stand helpless and desperate,
Broken and beaten,
Bruised and cold.
Here I stand a hypocrite and a beggar,
Questioning your existence.

You were the puppet master,
You orchestrated the dance of my destruction.
Made me look like a fool in world of wits,
You made my decisions look ugly when I was in room full of mirrors.
You played every hand right even a gambler would be bluffed.
But you weren’t bluffing when you shuffled the deck for me.
I knew you had all the aces, but it was more than a game for me.

You were a bystander when my house was ripped apart.
They fought, they lost.
They blamed and blamed.
36 years of marriage all in vain.
You should have been in the court when my father was shamed.
You should have been at the dinner table that day, even supper seemed pale.

Their voices still echoes at night.
The house seems less haunted, its the nightmares that scare me.
Like a never ending reel, the memory of it never fades away.
One family,two souls yet nothing left.
Just an Orphan in the street everything has gone away.

I question your existence.
For once, they told me it will be alright.
Let the dust settle, let the white noise filter.
There is still hope. He is watching.
And yes you did watched. When my parents were separated.
Ink to the paper. A bond has now ended.

You put him in position to choose between “Her” and “His Family”.
You made her choose between “Dreams” and “Her Freedom”.
Bipolar opposites repelled each other.
The shock waves of being separated, later emerged.

Tangled between bottle and his liver.
He fought the medical will.
Stranger to the world, she was looted by her own foolish dream.
He lost his battle, she gave up the hope.
I still remember coming to you that day.
Carved in Italics and bold
“God works in miraculous way”.
But you failed, so did your magic trick.

I cried and I wailed. Held my hands.
I prayed and I begged.
But you were no where to be find.
I stood hoping you would prove me wrong.
But you just betrayed me, for an atheist what goes around comes around.

So here I stand again, right in front of you.
Answer me, Let the world know.
Where were you? When they were torn apart.
Where were you? When they lost their faith.
That both decided to leave, and left me a broken place.
Where were you? When he was at his deathbed
Where were you? When she was betrayed
She slit her wrist open when everything in her life was already wrecked.
Where were you? When I asked for your help.
Where were you? When I begged for their lives.
Prove me your existence, prove me that you are not a lie.

First came the hurricane,then came the morning sun.
God never betrayed, God never existed son!
That’s all my old man said.


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