Cramped in an exhausted iron box, where hordes of people continuously kept on pushing themselves. The deeper they went the more people cramped in . Where humanity hung by the door; Men, women, children were all the same. The place where feminism didn’t exist and equality was just a word on the seats. Where the ultimate king was the one who resided in a corner and untouchables were unfathomly touched. He held onto a hanger merely with his fingers. A hell lot of commotion happened in background. Some were busy arguing over space, some were leaning over others and some were just loud enough for others to know that even they were travelling. Rain coming in through the windows, sweat dripping through tired frustrated faces. Yet everybody was in a rush to reach their destination. Some were afraid they would be late to college, some were afraid of being late again to their meetings. This fast paced 4G life was now running at 2G speed.

It was just another morning. He was awaken by the most annoying alarm sound. It rained that day heavily, he was already late. He rushed onto the station the place was flooded with people. The announcement was made “Trains are running slow”. The fast paced city life was now bought to snails speed. But he didn’t stopped neither did others. Like a ray of hope in dark tunnel, a train appeared. People ran from one platform to another and so did he. Some were pushed while others were bruised people ran as if they was matter of their survival.  Everyone wanted to board that train. Somehow after a lot of struggle he did manage to get on the train. Stamping  onto somebody’s feet he managed to make room for himself.

People kept cramping in. Feeling exhausted all he could wish for was just to get off that train. His eyes witnessed scenes that were just common for daily travellers.  A woman holding her baby on her waist, An old man hanging by the door were some of the sights. They say “Mumbai Local” is Mumbai’s “Lifeline”, is it so. Where people have no mercy, where people are always in rush. Is it really a lifeline. But he wasn’t thinking about these things anymore, he was losing his consciousness. He felt he was drowning under flood of bodies. “Thud” he fell on another guy. It was an old man. He looked behind angrily. The old man now completely turning, held him and asked others for help. A few offered seat to him others kept wondering what was the fuss about. As soon as they reached the station he was diagnosed to hospital.

Was it the Lifeline’s fault or the Life that he lived?? Was a life saved  or Was it a life taken??  You be the judge.



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