What If…???

What if our eyes would have never met?
What if you wouldn’t have smiled back ?
What if it didn’t rain that day ?
What if our paths had not crossed that day ?

But it did rained that day, we did smiled at each other and the cupids did struck their arrows. The stars did aligned and the rain gods did worked their magic. Standing there, two destinies intertwined, two souls connected and a single heart sparked.

Like a timeless journey; with you I travelled light years, yet I stood there struck in awe of your beauty. I did ran out of words,  yet I had so much to say. So much to speak ,would have hold your hand and walked till the end of the road. But our destinations were different. So was  our destiny.

What if I would have taken that step to talk to you ?
What if you would have said yes to a coffee ?
What if I would have made you laugh ?
What if we would have travelled the roads together ?
What if there was still hope ?

But there wasn’t any. Like strangers we met, like strangers we left. Standing besides you,  the world around me seemed non-existent. Caught by your aura, your beauty galvanized everything around you. There were no violinist in the background, yet the music seemed beautiful.

What if the rain wouldn’t have stopped ?
What if we both would have just stood there staring at each other?
What if we both didn’t had any destinations to reach?
What if it wasn’t just meant to be ?

Like a beautiful yet a fictitious dream you walked away. You were in a hurry. You left but your presence was still felt by me. A sudden urge of stopping you raced my heart. But i was a nobody to you and like a distant star, I could just watch you fade away in distance. 

What if we ever meet again? Will you still recognize me?
What if we ever cross paths again? Will you still smile at me?
What if we ever get stranded by rain again? Will you talk to me?
Life is full of endless possibilities.
What if we are the ones not living it?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yes! The sun, the fire, the moon, the stars
    They all listened our language of love,
    The wind stood still for Cupid’s arrows
    It was not swayed,
    It hit our hearts,
    A single arrow
    It merged them with love
    That ocean call love gushed out,
    We thought it would be blood
    But it was blue, the crickets cricked blues….

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