Paralyzed Thoughts

Locked in a room for more than 9 hours, the creeping golden rays beneath the spaces of the door were the first ray of light that contracted her eyes. Her son entered the room with a glass of water and some food. Her beady eyes looked straight at her son. All he wanted was to offer her the food and walk out. She struggled to speak with her heavy tongue. However, his son was least bothered. The old lady now in her 90’s was partially paralyzed. She barely could move her legs. Making her immobile. Her feet so numb, never tasted the ground for 10 years now. She crawled like a 3 year old kid for any of her personal chores.

She wasn’t precisely blessed with wealth or a good family. She shouldered all the responsibilities just by herself. Having lost his better half early in a mishap, her whole world encircled around the happiness of her kids. Tragedy struck and she became paralyzed. Her sons took her to city’s best hospital but all in vain. She accepted her fate and agreed to live with her sons .

But soon she was dealt with harsh reality of life. Her daughter in law, her son were working couple. They would lock her in the house and leave for their respective jobs. The old lady would however sit in an void home staring at the window panes, endlessly waiting for both of them. She became restless and hostile wondering how things have changed. Soon the couple started fighting over whose responsibility was it to take care of her and heated tensions ended up being loud quarrels.

The old woman was helpless,  tired of all the nuisance she encountered.She couldn’t bear anymore. But God had different things planned. Her only son she grew up wasn’t bothered to eye her. The one who was cared for the smallest pampers, now was becoming a stranger day in day out. The mother who sat hours besides him when the son was unwell,  now he won’t even have a pacifying word for her even for a minute.

It was not her who was paralyzed, it was her son who was paralyzed, his thoughts,his behavior was paralyzed. Was old age the woman’s curse or her sons attitude towards her.


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