Excited and filled with exuberance she dressed for the much awaited coffee date. Her preparations had began a month ago when he announced her that he was finally visiting her home town. Dressed pretty in white, she had been eyeing an occasion to finally remove that dress from he closet. Her phone blinked ,it was his message asking her whether she had left?? she replied without a single hesitation in affirmative. She took her car keys and left her apartment. The whole apartment was blooming with Bvlgari Aqva. She nervously  paced towards her car while acquiring attention of people passing her, she almost floated through the clouds.

Humming lyrics of “The Chainsmokers-  Closer” she had began for her drive . She remembered all those late night skype calls, those stupid whatsapp chats during lectures. She even adjusted her time according to his schedule. It all started when she stepped out of a very bad relationship, a bird with independence she envied people who would dominate her. She had a strong sense of open mindedness about her, not a feminist she was the one who belonged to neutrals when it came to voicing her opinion. She met him on a stupid social networking site. They both had nothing in common, but it all started with a simple HI..!! . Then the rest is as simple as bipolar reverse magnetic theory. Two unknown souls who have never met each other, never seen each other were wasting time in front of their cell phones talking to each other. Everything seemed happy and blooming. She finally met a man who at least bothered listening to her opinion.

Even though both of them had same hometown; they never met until both were sure of each other. She always had questions about him after all its 3 months that they were frequently talking to each other and he still hadn’t popped the question; can’t define relationships solely based on social networking connections can you??. She finally reached the coffee shop. The wait is over she said to herself. She took out a mirror from her purse before she would step out of her car adjusted her lipstick and mascara. She entered the cafe, he was already there. After all the admiring of each others pictures on phones this was the first time she was seeing him. Bamboozled , she tripped but managed to gain control of herself.

The moment he saw her, he stood admiring her. She was the prettiest in the whole cafe, she was center of attention . They both nervously stared at each other, after all the talking on the phone, they both had no clue how to begin the conversation. They exchanged few awkward stares and smile finally the waiter came for order and both sighed relief. The ice was broken , what would you have? was his first question. Finally the order was placed and they both started talking.

To her amusement all the hype that surrounded this date was now calming down. She was not at all interested in conversation with him anymore she just wanted out. It wasn’t going how exactly she had planned, blame it on love stories she had read. Finally after 45 minutes of futile conversations they both left. He seems ok just not my type were her first reactions. She waved good bye and was about to drive and she received a message it was him. The message killed all the buzz she had, it read, “We’re cool but i don’t think we are compatible. Our taste don’t match. Lets go back to what we were”. Dealt with the truth in the most awkward way she accepted her fate. If he hadn’t she would have been the one pulling the gun. Finally the two lonely souls wandered off to their life leaving a void again. Not all romcoms have a happy ending do they.??



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