The Hand That Feeds..

The stage was set everyone was waiting for bride and groom. The place was beautifully decorated it almost looked like a shamiana of a palace. Roses on pillars, lights transcending from tops making it more authentic. Everyone present were dressed to the occasion. The moment was auspicious as the bride and groom walked in holding each others hand. He looked like a prince, a knight; he walked with certain flair.  She seemed angel like, her eyes lit up the whole atmosphere. They were followed by their in laws and parents. A loud cheer aroused when they made center stage. Women envied her dress, it must have been way too costly they murmured. After posing for few candid shots the bride and groom braced themselves for the Reception.

While the grand reception took place on upper floor downstairs the kitchen when chaotic. Following the trend people who are done with greeting the newly wed will soon be treated to mouth watering delights.  The chefs kept screaming to their underlings, food everywhere the aroma of roses seemed no match to the aroma of freshly cooked delicacies. Out of this people one guy stood out. Maybe in his early teenage days. He had a face of tired worker yet had energy of work horse. He was everywhere filling glasses with Rose milk so that waiters could serve, chopping onion with lightning fast speed. But the reason why he stood out was not because of his energy, it was his name. Cesar they exclaimed! The Roman king wouldn’t have approved working in kitchen though.

Dark face, he barely blinked. He walked fast and lifted very huge utensils even for his age. He must be strong yet he looked lanky and weak. Soon the rush of wedding goers flooded the buffet hall and waiters and cooks were suddenly rushed to action.  Cesar was everywhere from bringing up water bottles to serving plates, doing dishes this kid was way too fast and efficient. Kids of his age would be in school studying History and Science and here he is at an unknown wedding serving food. For a moment you could just wonder  the fact that there were two types of kids at this wedding one on this side of table dressed in pretty dresses treating their taste buds with delicacies and then were kids like Cesar on the other side of table clothes that barely covered their body, no education serving food to brats.

Suddenly, Cesar was working with twice his speed, he was hurrying as if he had to be somewhere. He went back in kitchen wrapped some food in paper plate and started walking through back door. It was raining he had no umbrella yet he kept waking. He blitz passed through narrow streets, jumped over pot-holes with that package of food closed to chest. He walked into a small hut – tent . There was a old man lying on the bed he seemed very ill. Cesar unwrapped the food most of it was wet and feed it to the old man. The old man had dried tears in his eyes; he was barely chewing. Cesar was busy describing the old man how the beautiful the place was, who was the old man? No clue, might be his father , his uncle or just some old man he cared about. One thing though his hands didn’t shivered while he was feeding. Why the name was Cesar? don’t know that either, but just like the king, “The Hand That Feeds..”

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