The Tale Of Tea And Coffee

6 Months to their marriage. He was now returning from Belgium, blame it on monsoon rains of India his flight was delayed by 3 hours. She reached airport an hour ago. The anticipation to finally meet him  wasn’t bearable to her. Since, the flight was delayed she indulged herself into a book, she strolled through all the cafe houses had a few short conversations with other passengers around. Finally after 4 long hours at the airport to her much delight the announcement was made.The fight from Belgium was finally arriving. 6 months that’s a wait, he left within a week of his marriage to manage the new branch. Like a small girl she stood in the waiting just to have a glance of him. All those late night skype calls and posting ‘I heart you’ pictures on instagram the wait was finally over.

He came right in front of her, she held a banner which said “Promise kept..I can COOK now”. They both made a pact before he left, the promise being the person who cries first will have to learn how to cook. She knew she couldn’t hold it so she came all prepared. They just stood there staring at each other, silent, it was as if nothing around them existed.  Just two souls who desperately seek each other. Finally the ice was broken when both said in one tone “Coffee..??..Tea??”. They laughed they understood what it meant. There was a small cafe at the airport. “You do realize airport coffee is the worst..!” he exclaimed. To which she cleverly witted “Coffee is just a reason..”. To a corner table they both had settled and had begun talking, first the formalities then the truth of how much they missed each other.

The tea and coffee was served. “Its crap..” she said after sipping tea at least that’s what they claimed. He laughed and the conversation went on. Will he was talking about how good Brussels and why they should go for a holiday. She interrupted him “I never knew you write..!” he fumbled and replied “I used to..” .”Well in that case i found something that you were probably hiding from me..” she removed a diary from her handbag. “Well i read a lot..these pages kept me warm during cold nights.. “. He had no clue as to how to react. She went ahead “Isn’t it sad that you had to settle for a tea when your heart wanted a coffee” clearly indicating that he settled for her when he actually liked someone else. He paused for a bit and then replied “I realized that it was not my cup of coffee..The day i met you tea tasted better than coffee..”. Satisfied with her husband’s answer she ‘co-incidentally’ dropped her coffee on his diary. “ its ruined should i throw it..?” she asked . He replied with a smile “you should”. The coffee was never mentioned again they held each others hand and walked away. While the pages of his past were never mentioned again.





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