She Walked Down The Aisle

Your Little Sister,

The room never seemed so silent I can even hear the crickets noise through the window pane now. The bed never seemed so huge I just slept like snorlax yesterday. The closet now has only and only my clothes, the shoe rack is mine. The chocolate cake that dad bought is also mine. No one is fighting with me over a remote ,Yup Now I’m the only one using dad’s laptop. No ones been sneaking into my mobile while I’m talking to my crush. Now I’m less afraid to meet him at the cafe since no one is spotting us.


To be frank enough, I’m much smarter than you I always topped you. But still you were dad’s princess. You were elder to me and you took every opportunity to prove that to me. Be it exams, be it sports and be it anything else. I still remember the China crockery that you broke when asked who did it, I was your scapegoat. You always threw me under the bus whether I did it or not. I hated you more than anything else. You always won dad’s heart I had to settle with mom’s sympathy hugs. You always looked pretty I had to settle with your old clothes.

I never got a brand new cycle, I got a repaired cycle of yours. I never got a new cell phone I played games when you got a new one. I was always treated as second don’t know why you had first priority. Remember the time when I had to go to picnic and you said no, because apparently you thought I can’t take care of myself. Seriously I hated you.

I hated you for being centre of attention, I hated you for outdoing me even though I’m the best. Even that day I hated you as to how pretty you looked in that bridal gown. Everyone seemed enchanted the moment you walked in the room. Even my crush was staring with beady eyes not gonna lie you never looked so mesmerizing. My dress was costlier than yours, so was make up yet you took the spotlight from me.

The same way when my ex broke my heart and you were the one who said “I beat her up..Now she is crying.. ” so that dad won’t know what happened . You took the heat when I wanted to be an engineer when dad was forcing me to become doctor. You gave me allowance when I wasted money on those stupid shoes. You were the one who sat behind me, while I was learning scooter. We still have those stupids scars though.

To be frank enough the room never seemed so empty. The bed never seemed so lonely. The fact that I’m blaming a cricket on the tree for being unable to sleep sums up as to how lonely I have become. You said I’ll be the happiest when you leave. The reality being I’m the one that misses you more than anyone. The moment dad walked you down the isle I was the one that cried. Damn I’m actually missing you.
Yes, I do hate you because when we were together I couldn’t bear you now I can’t live without missing you..

Take care Sis.. lots of love..


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